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the haas machine: Apple Sauce & Baby Shirts

Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple Sauce & Baby Shirts

So we completed our applesauce project & are happy with the results-- 15 pints of delicious, spicy sauce! The process was very simple, although it was very time consuming because I decided to peel all 30 pounds of apples since they weren't organic (a bunch of recipes I read said that you didn't need to peel them, but I didn't want to risk it since I'll be feeding the sauce to Ruby in just a few short months). I can't believe that she'll be able to eat "real" food soon, but I'm really excited to be making our own food for her as much as possible. I got a great baby food cookbook & a new food processor, so I'm looking forward to putting them to good use! The food processor seriously made the applesauce soooo easy to make (all I did was peel, core, & cut up the apples, stick them in a stock pot with a bit of water, cook until mushy, then process until smooth, add a bit of cinnamon, & a touch of raw sugar & then I canned them). So easy! I think Ruby was excited, too...
Our little kitchen helper (I have decided that I need to find a chef's hat for her as soon as possible!)
 Too many apples!! Our sleeping apple blossom

I've moved Ruby's cradle into our kitchen so that she can play & sometimes snooze in it while I'm busy in the kitchen. A lot of the time, she sleeps during the day in the ergo or in my arms, but there's only so much I can do safely in the kitchen like that. If she's sleepy enough, she'll sleep right in the cradle while I bake or clean up after a baking marathon. Since it's getting chilly out, I've enjoyed being in the kitchen more & discovering more recipes to try out (like this recipe for double chocolate pumpkin cupcakes.... to.die.for!) I'm also on the hunt for the most perfect whole wheat sandwich bread recipe. I've tried a few recently, but they are always too dense. I think I just need to play around with the ingredients a bit to get the perfect consistency. So if you have a great recipe that doesn't use a bread machine or kitchenaid mixer (or if you would like to donate yours...) I'm all ears! I think I need to start saving my pennies for a kitchenaid mixer.... I've got my heart set on this one to match some of our other appliances :)
 More sleeping with one of her favorite blankets from her auntie Jamie while mama bakes

This isn't really a fall project, but yesterday was another first for our little miss.... she wore some adorable little black shoes that were mine as a child :) So far, all of her shoes have been too large, so this was a big day! I put them on her & immediately, she started dancing away! I can't wait until she can wear some of her other footwear (remember this post?!) but I'm trying to be patient because before I know it, she'll be outgrowing everything.
I had a hard time getting an in-focus pic because she was dancing so much!!

John has also been hard at work at making more shirts for Ruby. Here are the latest two prints he's made:
Princess Leia for our little princess
A lovely pink tree
Oh no! IPhone baby!
It was a little chilly this morning & we haven't turned on our heat yet so we're bundling up!!

I've been meaning to post a few videos of Ruby talking/moving (for you grandparents out there), but our internet connection us so sketchy.... but I'll try to get a few up soon!

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