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the haas machine: Wednesday's "What We Ate May 13-19, 2013"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday's "What We Ate May 13-19, 2013"

Dear garlic lovers,
I wish you all could have been at my house on Monday for dinner. I followed the directions for a supposedly tasty garlicy cauliflower mash (mock mashed potatoes). I was a little squeemish about the 4 (FOUR) whole, raw garlic cloves that were needed, but I went against my gut & followed the directions. The first taste was painful. The second (why, oh why was there a second?!) literally made me cry. The day where there was too much garlic was in fact discovered at dinner on Monday. The mash was sadly tossed. I thought about running to the store for more cauliflower, but I hardly ever do that while cooking, so we just ate some hummus & cucumbers instead. It was a sad night, but I will try again.

In other happier news, I had a wonderful veggie burger making party with some of the other ladies from our church last week. We do a lot of grilling in the summer as a church, so we wanted to provide a stellar veggie option. We had a blast, chatting over wine & a few snacks & veggie burgering it up. Thanks for joining me in making 114 burgs, ladies!
 Roasted beet hummus from the veggie burger making party
  Ricotta vegetable dip, also from the party

This week I also continued on my chicken enchilada obsession & tried it out as pizza (recently, I've also made it as pasta). Basically you just sub the tomato sauce for enchilada sauce, top with sauteed peppers & chicken, with a bunch of spices & cheese & then top with sour cream/greek yogurt & bam! You've got yourself a chicken enchilada pizza.

The week mostly went well eating-wise, in spite of Monday. After the garlic catastrophe, it so made me appreciate that when meals go wrong, we still have tons of food that is available for us to eat. Not everyone can choose what meals they have, let alone how much they eat & when, & definitely not everyone can throw away their nasty dinner & exchange it for a better one. We are so richly blessed.

What are you eating these days? Was anything an epic fail?
Thursday's dinner: whole wheat almond pancakes with scrambled eggs & strawberries

What We Ate May 13-19, 2013
Monday: Almond crusted chicken nuggets with garlicy cauliflower mash cucumbers & hummus
Tuesday: Veggie burgers with salad (spring mix, carrots, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, ranch dressing)
Wednesday: Chicken enchilada pizza
Thursday: Whole wheat almond pancakes with scrambled eggs & strawberries
Friday: Creamy avocado pasta
Saturday: Roasted vegetable sandwich with goat cheese, spinach & balsamic with tortilla chips & salsa
Sunday: We had pizza with friends

I also made a batch of bread & whole wheat burger buns this week.



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