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the haas machine: Wednesday's "What We Ate Jan. 28- Feb. 3, 2013"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday's "What We Ate Jan. 28- Feb. 3, 2013"

Sometimes I wish that gravity didn't exist, especially during mealtime. My little one tends to love the game of throwing everything from her seat at the table lately, & frankly, it drives me bonkers. Never is there a day without a dried banana chunk stuck on the floor or a mound of crumbs that would literally feed a troop of ants. I know that there would be more of a mess if gravity was non-existant, but then at least the mess wouldn't be caked on to my floor like the mound of yogurt & cheerios now are. Oh to have a sparkly clean floor...

As parents, we sometimes suffer at the expense of our kids, don't we? Maybe we offer them foods we would rather never see or smell (is there anything that smells worse that cheerio breath?!) Maybe we have to fight to get those good-for-you calories in by hiding them (have you ever read this book?) Or maybe we just give in & serve them their own separate meals because it isn't worth fighting every night (hey, we've definitely been there). However you choose to feed your kids, I think that most people would agree that if they could, they would choose to feed their kids food that will help their little bodies grow well.

Lately, I've been trying to make incredibly wholesome recipes that lure my little one into devouring them instead of chucking them (is that possible?). This occasionally works, but I'm slowly realizing that sometimes she just loves throwing things more than she loves eating them because today she tossed her beloved toast with peanut butter (or "pa ta da" as she calls it) overboard. And then she asked for more.

One of my favorite toddler recipes is for the tuna zucchini cakes pictured below. They are packed with nutrients & are really quite simple & easy to make. We usually always have tuna on hand, too, so that's a bonus. I can't wait to use some of my home-grown veggies this summer & freeze massive quantities of them so we can always have them on hand.

I'll post this recipe in the next week or so because if you have a kid, they are bound to love these. Or at the very least, they are really fun to throw onto the ground.

What are your favorite meals to feed your kids?
Thursday's dinner: tuna zucchini cakes with sweet potato wedges (not shown)

What We Ate Jan. 28- Feb. 3, 2013
Tuesday: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes with onions, pineapple, & raspberries
Wednesday: Chicken enchilada pasta with blue corn tortilla chips
Thursday: Tuna zucchini cakes with sweet potato wedges
Friday: Coconut curry noodles with red peppers & carrots
Saturday: Traditional bbq wings & Thai peanut wings with rice 
Sunday:  Super bowl food: copycat Trader Joe's hummus with whole wheat pitas & carrots, & seven layer taco dip (our layers were refried beans, Greek yogurt, avocado, salsa verde, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, & cheese) with tortilla chips

I also made a batch of crockpot yogurt & more blueberry muffins this week



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