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the haas machine: Cabin Outing 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cabin Outing 2013

This past weekend, John, Ruby, & I were able to get away, deep into the heart of Wisconsin & cabin with a bunch of friends (yes, we consider "cabin" to be a verb). It was a sort-of central location for all of us coming from La Crosse, Chicago, Minneapolis, & Duluth & it was quite the little retreat.

Can I just say that we have the coolest, most talented friends ever? Not only are these people absolute joys for these introverts to be around, they know how to celebrate with food, art projects, games, music, & absolute fear. Ruby was thrilled to be around so many of her dubbed aunties & uncles & we will forever treasure this weekend in our hearts.

My quiche contribution for Friday's breakfast: sausage, onion, green pepper & cheddar quiche, roasted red pepper, spinach & feta quiche, & mushroom, onion, & swiss quiche.
Friday's dinner: mole chili garnished with sour cream & cilantro with a side of cornbread
Saturday's breakfast: cinnamon pancakes with sweet potato hash
I neglected to get a picture of Saturday's dinner because I was still suffering from a nap coma, but we ate homemade turkey egg rolls, vegetable fried rice, & orange chicken.
We were able to enjoy the snow a lot & even tried our new snowshoes
Collaboration at its best
Which turned into this! Meet Reggie, our snow gnome.
 Many moments were spent staring at this. After waking up very early on Sunday morning, the sunrise coming through these windows was enough to almost make me a morning person.
 Sunday brunch at another lodge sort of nearby. Ruby was still the entertainment.

Our ride home was mostly uneventful. Ruby & I napped almost the whole way & John witnessed a coffee shop called Shekhinah Glory Coffee, which is an event all on its own. Thank you, friends, for getting away with us & helping us rest with your company, oh so many laughs, & way too many mouthfuls of food.

(here is the recipe for the whole wheat coconut chocolate chips cookies I brought)
(here is the cabin that we rented, which we would absolutely recommend & will visit as often as we possibly can)



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