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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Memory Calendar

I'm not the most sentimental person in the world. It doesn't mean that I don't savor things or like to re-live memories or anything like that. I just really, really, really don't like clutter or when I feel like we aren't using things that are in our house. Sure I might enjoy how cute some of my toys from my childhood were, but if my kid doesn't play with them, then they are gone (sorry Mom). I will say that I have gotten better at not just immediately getting rid of things. For example, the other day I was going through my jewelry, thinking, "ugh, I never wear this," "woah, that's ugly in not the right way," & "I need to get rid of some of this stuff!" And then it dawned on me that one day Ruby is totally going to want to play with all this horrendous jewelry. I need to save that moment for her.

So I'm getting better. When I was younger, I wasn't ever a complete pack rat, but I did use to save all of my wall calendars & planners from year to year. For some strange reason, it was hard for me to even throw away my checkbook balance sheet. I still don't get that. But with the calendar, it was an accumulation of what I really did that year. It was what I valued... it was how I spent my time & it felt weird throwing that away.

I've been able to break through that with an online calendar now, but I still sort of wanted something that I could write down memories on. I don't have a baby book for Ruby (way too much pressure), but what I do have is this collection of memories for each day of the year.

I got this idea online, of course. What I did was cut out 366 piece of golden rod paper & then used our typewriter to type out each day of the year. You could get all creative & use more interesting paper or fonts or something, but I really liked to keep this project kind of simple. My hope & goal is that I will write a highlight of our day or something memorable every day & each year will be represented until I run out of space. I can't wait to read memories like "hiked on Hass trail on November 10th-- it was 70 degrees" or "Ruby gave me her first willing kiss." It will be re-living beautiful moments over & over again, & I can't wait to fill up those little sheets of paper. Now of course, some days aren't as exciting as others, but hey, that's our life. I can still find something good about our day to write down, even if it's as simple as "I had a cup of tea while Ruby napped."

Here's my memory calendar. Behind the calendar is a small notebook that I record Ruby's "firsts" as well as funny things she says or does. The calendar is more family-centered & this notebook is just for special little Ruby moments. Sometimes there is overlap, but if it's that good to write twice, why not read it twice?



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