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the haas machine: Wednesday's "What We Ate July 8-14, 2013"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday's "What We Ate July 8-14, 2013"

One of my favorite lunches: hummus, cucumbers, carrots, whole wheat pita, & La Croix water!

I've been really excited about blogging lately. There have definitely been seasons in my short-lived blogging life when it just felt like an obligation (=no fun) & other times when it's been super exciting & energizing (=super fun) & I guess I'm in that super fun time right now. Note to self: this post will be a good reminder for me when I inevitably stumble upon my more grumpy, lazy, no fun blogging times. That reminds me, have you guys ever used a dictaphone to record your thoughts/notes to self? I kind of want one. Then I can feel even more nerdy like Lewis on Suits. Do you guys ever watch Suits? Sooo good.

(Mom I don't really want a dictaphone, so please don't buy me one for Christmas).

If you haven't noticed, I've been changing things up, little by little. I've created & have tightened up some of my blog goals (which I will share with you soon!) by SMART goaling the heck out of them. I've also been adding a few things like an "About The Machine" page, a "Project Index," & a "Recipe Index", which I have already found personally helpful, so hopefully you will too.
My dad & step mom were in town, so we ate out at Dublin Square so we could eat outside on Saturday

I have also become an affiliate with Amazon & Pinch of Yum (one of my most favorite blogs, evah!) Being an affiliate simply means that if you were to buy POY's e-book or anything from my amazon "favorite list," then I would get a small bit of the profit. One of my financial goals is to be able to make at least $20 a month so that I can pour it back into the blog (i.e. more gourmet desserts, sweet food props, conferences, resources, kitchen necessities, better design, etc).

(Pinch of Yum & Amazon Affiliate info)
I'm also trying to get more connected with other bloggers. I recently joined a few blogging facebook groups & they have already been SUPER helpful, especially when it comes to how to improve your blog. I've registered for a few conferences this fall & I just had breakfast with one of my friends from The Live-In Kitchen, whose recipes you've seen me steal before. We were able to chat about goals & ideas & it was suuuuper helpful to have someone in person, sort of mentor me a bit in this blog world I've found myself in (thank you Lindsay!)

I'm excited about these changes & there are definitely more to come, so stay tuned. Remember to stay connected through my new-ish facebook page, on pinterest, twitter, & blog lovin' so that you don't miss any of the juicy details!
Friday's dinner: breakfast tacos (corn tortillas, hash browns, eggs over easy, sausage, & cilantro) with red grapes 

What We Ate July 8-14, 2013
Monday: Chicken, chickpea, pesto salad with whole wheat pita & red grapes
Tuesday: Black bean spinach enchiladas with pineapple
Wednesday: Dill pesto fettuccine with mixed green salad (romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, sesame seeds, balsamic dressing)
Thursday: Roasted vegetable sandwich with goat cheese, spinach, & balsamic with french fries & pineapple
Friday: Breakfast tacos (corn tortillas, hash browns, eggs over easy, sausage, & cilantro) with red grapes
Saturday: My dad & step mom were in town, so we ate out at Dublin Square so we could eat outside
Sunday: Hamburgers with whole wheat buns & au gratin potatoes

I also made another batch of whole wheat bread & crockpot yogurt this week. I also posted a starting list of "anti-oven" summer meals on Monday, so make sure that you keep coming back to check that out, as I will be adding more!



At July 17, 2013 at 12:48 PM , Blogger Lindsay Moe said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm super excited about your blog too! Let's get breakfast more often.


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